Getting Published

This should be a walk in the park, but apparently it isn’t.

How to piss off an editor in a few easy lessons.

First off, assume your sub is the next best thing to sliced bread and then take it personally when rejection happens.

Next, send in two more stories that are likewise flawed after the editor has told you precisely why the first rejection occurred.

Follow up by arguing about the edits on one of these stories that the editor took pity on and made into something that would fly, and disparage two stories you were gifted to receive for your enlightenment on the process, calling them drab. Hey, these stories are accepted.

Poke fun at the publication, saying you will make your own stories shine. This is fine, and I expect the person to enjoy all the work entailed in getting self-pubbed. Yes, it can be done successfully, but it take a lot of money, time and sheer hard work to make the project shine and sell.

Lessons to be learned? Check the ego at the door. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

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