Winter Blahs.

At this time of year we are facing the somewhat irritating posts of well meaning folk who are talking about the sprouting of spring bulbs. This does include one of my daughters, who lives on Vancouver Island. I adore all these posts, but it is depressing as we have another two months of winter to get through. That being the case, I try to heat things up.

My dear husband will be taking a red hot curry to work for his lunch tomorrow. Yes, I made this all from scratch and no, no horse meat. Grins. This is Alberta and cattle county so not a snowflake’s chance in hell that our beef will be contaminated.

This is also the time of year I start to grow seeds for my herb garden and my planters. So far I have sown loads of herbs and some petunia. I was a tad disappointed to have only six seeds out of one package. Doing the math, that is 50c per seed. I can get a six pack or ready grown for $3.00. Ok, so they won’t be the exotic colors, but still??? I will be planting my bacopa seeds tomorrow and they had better have more than six seeds, or I will be glum.

In other news, it looks like the Nerine my little kid wanted for her bridal bouquet might be available in July. I am crossing my fingers on this one. North American wholesalers list it as year round so I have to hope. I so want her to get what she fell in love with. A girl’s special day should have everything she wants. On the flip side, our florists know this and will bust a gut to make it so. If it isn’t possible, then the next best thing will be lined up. These guys are personal friends, so I know they will do whatever.

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