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Hump day.

What I was supposed to be doing today, aside from marketing my book, was going through my pictures to get good ones of Kid 3 in her very young days. Well that didn’t work out too well as we had a major storm front rolling in and my power got sketchy. This also put paid to another plan, which was to go with Kid 2 after she finished work to her place to help plant some landscaping. Where the heck is that weather fairy, for I really need to snap her wand.

On the flip side, since there always is one, we were in no danger of another flooded basement as we have now purchased a generator. Yeah. Of course, I won’t have a web connection if the power goes down, but I will have power to the sump pump, can finish cooking supper, have the furnace running in winter and have the lights on. Oh, and I can also watch a dvd.

On another bright note, I also got to talk on Skype with a very dear writing friend, Susan Curnow. She has two very good books out right now. Games of Adversaries and Voice of the Land. Highly recommended. Go check out my reviews on Amazon. We were finalizing arrangements for our visit to the Curnows this weekend. Any author would give their eye teeth to be so near a dear colleague and BFF. Yes, we all natter on the web, but it doesn’t come anywhere close to shooting the breeze in person. I am very privileged to have met three of my dear friends in person. Of course, I see more of Sue as we are in the same Province and I am so grateful for this.

So what happens when two authors get together? LOL. The dh’s go do their thing and the girls get together to talk serious BOOK. Nothing either of us has ever written is unknown and unread by the other, so this is serious, deep and highly pleasurable. We effortlessly skip from book to book in our discussions. Yes, it is one of those special bubbles in time and space where work becomes pleasure. Any outsider would be at a total loss once we get going in our world.

This is going to be my wonderful weekend of absolute joy. Oh and not only work. We have been friends for over ten years, so there is catching up to do and shared outside interests. Hey, I get to go see her wonderful horse again! So looking forward to this.