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Air Canada bumps disabled person.

Money is everything, isn’t it Air Canada? Let’s wring the last cent for poor service. Oh and thanks very much for the whiplash I got on landing. I thought we had crashed for a few pain filled seconds. I was also astonished to be directed to what looked like a chicken shed on disembarkation. However, the wondrousness of your business ethics shone through when you choose to bump a registered disabled person because they were flying on points.

Oh, and trapped at an airport, let us not forget the twenty-five minute line-up with all wickets open and just four people being attended to over that period. It was so edifying to find, after the enormously long wait, that the gate had closed, despite the airplane not due to take off for another forty minutes. Was there a special flag run up to show this was a points flight Air Canada? Is that why the gate was closed? So you could charge me $75 for a guarenteed place on the next flight. The booking clerk then girlishly tee heed several times and announce I would have to pay another $25 for the first piece of luggage. I only had one piece of luggage, Air Canada. It was a small case I could have fitted in one of the overhead bins if I hadn’t been disabled. I have never had to pay an extra $25 for the ‘first’ piece of luggage before. I would have remembered anything that bizarre, Air Canada.

Having been told the gate was closed, I was astonished, when I eventually found it after being directed to the wrong gate by Ms Tee Hee not once but twice, to see that it was not in fact closed. No Air Canada, it was open and actively paging for people who were late. I sat there for ten minutes watching the shut gate accepting people, and when I asked I was told the flight was full so you sold my ticket to someone who paid cash, Air Canada. You left a gimp to sit in a cold airport for three hours because of your greed. Oh and on the subject of the disabled, it is normal to make an announcement for pre-boarding for persons with children or disabilities. Well I was sitting on a chair in the disabled section, Air Canada, and no such announcement was made. I am so grateful that I had to go down a series of very steep ramps to get to what you euphemistically regard as some sort of flying device. Did you only take the guy in the wheelchair down in the lift because you thought he might fly out of the tunnel when he came to a bend, Air Canada?

Oh and on the subject of having to have a different plane, why was one guy allowed to change his flight on the next flight, that I was forced to catch and not charged extra? He came right up to the boarding gate and asked them and they directed him to another place to get a waver. He wasn’t disabled, Air Canada, and I will bet he wasn’t flying on points either, but he was hot. So hot in fact, that someone had to come on to the aircraft, after we had all boarded, to check his identity as someone was so overcome that they forgot to ask for it. What sort of security is that Air Canada? Oh and how come people were allowed to add bags to the stowed luggage rack as they were boarding the aircraft? On the tarmac?

I have to be fair, Air Canada, and give you credit for the one thing you got right. You did not lose my luggage. Well Done!!!! This makes the first time in the last four miserable experiences as your hapless customer that you haven’t lost my luggage.
Have a great day. No love, Me.