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Why, oh why?

My publishers, Kristell Ink, have generously allowed Darkspire Reaches to now retail at 77pennies uk and 99c US after the free period ended. I have no idea how long this offer will hold. If you want it , then get it now.

My second book, Shadow Over Avalon, is available on all ebook platforms except Kobo, who are still behaving like prissy old women throwing an apron over their collective heads. They are apparently objecting to sex scenes from the books by indy authors. Oh quell horreur. I am so utterly mortified. And yet when I went to find a book on sweet smelling flowers, they suggested ‘The Perfumed Garden’. ROTFLMAO. I note they are still listing the ‘Karma Sutra’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Nuff said. Yep, Shadow Over Avalon does contain sex scenes. They are not under the heading of erotic, but they are adult. Go figure.