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There is a certain buzz that is indescribably from getting all the chapters of a book in order and ready to be formatted. This is especially the case with the current book in editing stage as I had misplaced some chapters and have only just found the disc containing them. Heaves enormous sigh of relief. Yes, there will be one more pass as I format but the major overhaul is done. Yes, I do ‘rest’ books between edits. I find this is needful for me so I can see the wood for the trees.

This book happens to be the second book of the second series. It does occur to me how much space I will have on my pc once these two have gone out the door. Ok, so I am a pack rat and save anything and everything. Still, it will be nice to put all this info on discs and have all that lovely space to fill up with new stuff. And yes, I know what my next project will be already and it is mostly written.