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Dr. Feelgood Strikes Again, Maybe.

Since I don’t watch much TV, I do read a lot of newspapers from all over as I like a digest of what is going on in the world. This also means I sometimes run across the hilarious and unlikely. Here is the latest.

An excited (or excitable) report states a cure for baldness has been found. This is because hair is composed mostly of protein and the native people of Greenland all have wonderfully thick hair because they eat fish oil, which is a protein. The product (name redacted) can come to you for the great price of (outrageous sum in any currency) per month. You too can get a 7% increase in hair growth in six months. Oh, oh, oh, and it will also stop hair losing color. Gush, gush.

Maybe there is something in it that would justify spending an outrageous amount over six months for a 7% gain in hair follicles? On the other hand, by extrapolation, since fish oil, (a protein? REALLY???) does not originate from a vegetable source, it is therefore safe to assume all vegans and most vegetarians are bald as they do not ingest such things. Resists urge to lurk outside a vegan restaurant to check if they are all wearing wigs or not.

Now fish oil probably is good for the health of hair, along with zinc, iron and protein. Fish oil is good for general health if taken as recommended. It can also be obtained over the counter at a pharmacy store under the heading of fish oil capsules, (cod liver oil), and not some fancy name. Now those little bottles of capsules are not an outrageous price. I wonder if ingesting those capsules over six months would also result in a 7% increase in hair gain?

I would guess that if a person has not been in the best of health for a little and gets some hair loss as a result, this would rectify by about 7% over the course of six months as that person improves their general health state. Maybe the wonder drug has something worth considering, or maybe it is Dr. Feelgood pedalling his famous cure-all snake oil again.