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To my beloved readers.

I am working on the sequel to Darkspire Reaches. It helps me if I see what you might like to see more of in this process. This is a big world with many possibilities and I would like to accommodate your desires. If you leave me a review, please put what you would like to see in the next book and I will try to make this so.

Giveaway for Darkspire Reaches.

KindleHere it is, the latest in e-book readers. This is what one lucky reviewer will be winning in the upcoming givaway for Darkspire Reaches. The competition will run for one month after the book launch on the 20th of March, or until I get 200 reviews, whichever comes first. (I wish). The winner’s name will be drawn at random from a hat and anyone can enter who has provided a review on Amazon for Darkspire Reaches of at least 40 words that demonstrate the book has been read without giving spoilers.

The first chapter of the book can be found in the Snippets section of my website. I will also be available at a book launch party I am hosting on Facebook on March 23rd from 8am to 11am Mountain Time. This should be a good time for most other people. Come hang out with me for a little while.