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Woo Hoo!!!!! Breaking news for Darkspire Reaches

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Jeffrey Bruner
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I wish my parents had read at least part of one of my stories. They declined as what I wrote wouldn’t sell according to them. Instead, I was told I should write a good detective novel and give up all the fanciful nonsense. I wish they were still here today to see my fantasy book released and selling. I wish they could see the science fantasy being released this November. They would probably still say I should have written a good detective novel, but part of me would love to think they might have they might have been just a little thrilled for me.  

I guess it goes to show that everyone goes for different books and thank the stars for that. If we all liked the same story, then only a handful of authors would be in business. I have read some stunning books recently. Books which step outside the box of the regular genres. I hope to see these books go far and am looking forward to the next ones in the series.  Vive la difference!