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Guilting strategy from the cat continuum.

Position fluffy selves on coffee tables, were we know we are not allowed to sit and stare at the humans in a wistful way until they cave.

Both Casper the cat and Ollie the ho did this tonight. Why do we call her Ollie the ho? Apparently, her fixing didn’t remove everything,, so she gets these urges. I really hope menopause sets in soon as I do not want my grandkids to see the exhibitionism happening on our picnic table. Yes the outside boys are interested, but not Casper, who prefers inanimate objects. No, I don’t want to go into details. I guess I must remove all inanimate objects of the squishy sort when my grandkids are old enough to notice and ask questions, Dies. I am NOT having that sort of conversation with my grandkids. Fine, I only have one so far, but birds and bees stuff is strictly for his parents. Been there, done that and have gotten the t-shirt.

The cats decided they needed treats and were going to die entirely without them. No, they are not starving to death of the hunger. They have a constant supply of dry food and water. They just like the treats and will guilt us out until they get them. Yes, they are now satisfied and have both jiggered off until the next time. There is a reason for the expression ‘greedy as a cat’.