Trends and fashions in writing.

Over the years thing have changed according to mostly fashion. For example, the omnipotent Point of View was just fine when Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings but has become increasingly frowned upon.

Most authors choice either third or first for the Point of View and both have their merits. What a person doesn’t see a lot of is second. Personally I am thankful for this as it is not one I enjoy reading, having almost a school teacher feel about it where the narrator seemed to be telling the reader what they were supposed to be thinking and feeling. IMO it had a spoon-fed aspect that took the appeal away for me. However, others like this.

First person is far more active and is best suited to fast reads, again, IMO. As it encompasses only what the main character can see and hear at any given time, it is a tad restrictive. I think this is why I prefer third as I can have more than one Point of View character and therefore a more intricate plot with multiple threads. Now I am beginning to wonder if I should switch to first as it is fast becoming a modern tread. Maybe I will try this with a new story and see it it works out or not.

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