Next books

Alrighty then, so what am I working on? Lots, as it happens. There is the beginning of ‘Chalice of Shadows’ and then I am near the end on ‘Death Angel’ and about halfway through on Wildenwold, a really different fantasy. Silly as it seems, I really do have to run through three books at once. Why? Because if one thing isn’t speaking to me, then one of the others surely will.

Are they similar? Snort. ‘Chalice’ is what is now classed as Grimdark in the realms of fantasy, although there was no such genre when I started writing the first book in this series. Oh an if you want to pick it up it is currently 99c on Amazon.  ‘Death Angel’ is pure sci fi and Wildenwold is a sort of urban fantasy and yet it isn’t . I’ll guess I will know more on where it sits when I finish it.

Why don’t I know now? Because I am not an outliner. I have no mortal idea where my books are going until they are done. I can write out the most marvelous outlines and five minutes into writing my characters take off in a wilding different direction, leaving any outline beyond tattered.  I open a work in progress on my pc and it either talks to me or it does not, in which case I will go on to the next one. There it is, then, the world of creative madness in progress.






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