Pirates and theft

Yes, I know my books are pirated. This is theft, pure and simple. I know someone claimed they were entitled to steal books like this because they were not flush on the funds. Let’s just look at this for a moment to get the funds issue into perspective.

I started writing twenty years ago, approximately and it is only in the last five years that my books are beginning to be published. That represents thousands and thousands of hours of work. Work I undertook in my time. Time that I could have used for other things but I didn’t. I wrote. If I were to add all that time up, which I must to fairly assess my funds for these books already published and being stolen, then a generous estimate would be that I earned slightly less than one quarter-penny per hour. This figure is so far below the minimum wage anywhere on the planet that it is laughable and yet people want to steal from me?

My answer is to start using this new site to zap the distributors of the theft. I’d imagine those people choosing to steal have, in addition, acquired for themselves some nice Trojan horses on their pcs. I wouldn’t know for sure as I am not in the habit of stealing from very hard working people. Here is the link for all who choose to protect their work.


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