The Summer Goddess – Cover Revealed!

Joanne Hall

Well now you’ve all seen it over at GrimDark Magazine (if you haven’t then you should go over and have a look, because there’s also an exclusive mini-interview with me on how I wrote the battle scenes for Nomad ), I can share the cover for The Summer Goddess (by Jason Deem) here and all over the place in all its glory.


And here’s how it starts :

White sails came with the sunset.
Asta saw them first, as she was coming down from the high peak where her mother lived. At first she thought they were birds, the great white gliding sea hawks, bigger than eagles, which floated above the turbulent eastern sea. But they were too low, moved with too much purpose, crossing back and forth ahead of the opposing wind.
It took her a long moment, staring into the darkening sea with her back to the…

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