Interview with C N Lesley for the Great Grimbold Discount Weekend!

Joanne Hall

I last interviewed C N Lesley way back in March 2013, so as part of the Great Grimbold Books August promotion I thought I’d catch up with her and see what’s been happening in her life.

C N, when we last spoke Darkspire Reaches had just been released. What’s happened since then?

I think I have been going non-stop. Let’s see, three weddings, one for each daughter, three grandsons and two more books. After Darkspire Reaches came Shadow Over Avalon, an Arthurian series set in the far future that is a mix of science fiction and fantasy. The second book, Sword of Shadows came out at the end of last year also.

How was Darkspire Reaches received?

People seemed to like it and it is still selling nicely. I can only go by reviews and out of 80 on 25% are 4* and 50% are 5*.

Could you tell…

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