The mark of success.

I guess a person gets to know that they have had a reasonable impact for their published books when a needy, and unimaginative person crawls out of the woodwork to leave an extremely slanderous and personal attack, couched in the form of a review up on Amazon. (Who removed it.) And then this person modified it, stuck it up again and left the personal attack in the comments of the hate filled review.

While I don’t know this person from Adam, I can guess at their intent. Fans have told me they are starting up a reviewing blog business and need to make a name for themselves. Instigating a high profile slanging match on social media, Amazon and anywhere else would be a good place to start, so let’s pick someone who is popular. The problem here is that I do not respond to reviews anywhere and I will not respond to this personal attack in the form of a review or a comment on a review. What a person thinks about this story is their opinion and to that they are more than entitled, just as the 40 people who adored it are entitled to theirs. The unacceptable is the personal attack and my only response to this is another complaint directly to Amazon. I hope this person realizes they will get no joy from me and goes picks on someone else.

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