Words going out of fashion and usage.

Here is one I haven’t heard for years.
to think hard; ponder; meditate: to cogitate about a problem.
to think about; devise: to cogitate a scheme.

It slipped into my mind today as I was contemplating the books I have just read and that I now intend to review after a time spent cogitating them. It is a word that describes exactly the process being undergone. If there is a modern word that is better, then I cannot recollect it.

Why is it words go out of usage? Sometimes it is because of a grandeur of presence no longer needed in this world of the instant fix. Sometimes it is because of the word coming from a foreign language, such as legerdemain, a wonderful world conjuring up the impossible. Somehow it doesn’t sound the same with the modern translation of ‘slight of hand’.

Will I try to resurrect cogitate in one of my books? Nope. I leave that to those who write literary fiction. I have no intention of raising speed bumps in stories that have people catapulted out of the world I have worked really hard to bring alive because they need to find a darn dictionary. In the meantime, I will continue with my cogitation.DSCN0194Snow day May 29 2010 297

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