Reclaiming time.

I made a decision this morning on opening my email. I am going to cut down on the number of groups I had joined, namely the ones where negativity seems to not only thrive but be actively nurtured. I don’t have time for this. I don’t need a downer to start my day. Next on my list of unfollows are sites so profoundly wrapped up in rules and regulations that a person can’t sneeze without getting moderated. I had several of these I haven’t visited for months because of this and they were beginning to create a log jam in my sidebar on FB. Oh and some of the negative ones are also the over-moderated.

The plan is to go through five sites a week and see if I really want or need to be there. These are not ones I contribute to on a regular basis so it is highly unlikely my absence will be even noticed. However, time clawed back to be used in a more productive manner.

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