To plant or not to plant, that is the question.

Yes, I do know it is April, but I am in Alberta, Western Canada and although I can see the grass starting, we may well get more snowfall and I know we will get more frosts.

No, I do not propose to put out any bedding plants and haven’t bought any yet. That is as good as waving a flag at the weather fairy to say ‘Come dump on me’. What I was proposing to put in was a part of my new, bright, shiny plan. I thought I would put perennial bulbs in the planters to be the focal center. Things like bleeding hearts and begonias, freesias and calla lilies…things to give the planters height and maybe stick some in the hanging baskets, too. It wouldn’t really matter if they got snowed on as they take awhile to get going underground anyhow.

Yep, I am getting antsy as I feel I am being teased by this warm spell. I know I can’t dig in the flower beds as they will still be frozen solid, but not so the planters, all in warm locations.  I am also hoping my peonies have survived though I won’t know until the end of May. I have an idea they make a winter snack for hibernating mice and such. As long as I haven’t got a gofer I don’t mind. Mice and voles end up as cat snacks in the summer, so don’t get to be a problem and Alberta doesn’t have rats so I don’t have to be too worried about what the cats are stalking.

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