Science or Sci Fi?

I see there is someone purporting to soon be able to stick the head of someone with a paralysed body on top of a new body. Now I had always thought the reason a person got paralysed in the first place was that their spinal cord had been snapped. Attaching a head to a new body seems to fit this criteria, although with the added annoyance of anti-rejection drugs for as long as the two bits manage to stay together. What amazes me is that if a person can splice together two people at the neck, why can’t they repair the existing injury? That seems to be a far better proposition for the poor victims. Imagine going through life with smart-ass remarks about bolts in the neck?

Anyhow, the article sparked off another thought. When I have done with what I am working on right now I really must get my Sci Fi, Angelus, polished and ready to go. One to the premises is of eternal life based on transferring the essence of the person into a new grown cadaver body. All the experience, memories and wisdom in a brand new young body.

Anyhow, pictures are nice. Here is a temporary cover. Obviously not up to the usual standard, but made my me just as a place holder.

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