Shh! An exclusive peek inside of the Darkspire Reaches!


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Today is the last day of C.N.Lesley being on my blog. It’s been a fun week! Lots of cool games, which, by the way, you still have time to participate. Just scroll down the previous posts and play away! As a Sunday gift C.N. Lesley gives you something extra from the Darkspire Reaches. Enjoy!

A small snippet from Darkspire Reaches that is not available for perusal on Amazon.

Raven forced the food down and took a long drink of water. A bowl for washing rested at the foot of her pallet, and she poured the remainder of the water in that vessel. Margie might have told the villagers her scrying water came from a sacred spring, but Raven knew she got it from the stream behind their shack. The bowl wasn’t black inside, yet the dark brown wood might be dark enough for the sight to show future.

The ripples…

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