Friday Date with Kai!

Check out the game to win a prize.


Who could say no to Arthurian men! They were brave, courageous, noble, men of honor. They didn’t hesitate to protect a lady and danger was their middle name. So I asked C.N. Lesley who is her favorite and here’s what she said:

tumblr_ljgna2csyu1qad6aso1_500Kai. He has the casual violence his father was good at, along with the attitude, and the fey sense but is not vain or arrogant, despite his good looks and superior abilities. He has his mother’s nurturing ways and a huge sense of fun and loyalty. Kai would be a great companion in the wilderness as he understands how to live in it. He is also very used to working with others and can command leadership in his own right.

If you don’t know who Kai is, here’s a short introduction:

Sir Kay, also known as Cai, Kai, Kei or Cei was King Arthur’s foster brother and one of…

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