Win some, lose some

I don’t think it is any big secret that I do a lot of research for my books. It happens to be necessary to me that I have a good idea of how everything fits together even if a large proportion of the material never makes it into the pages. Given that my current projects are series, then it was with delight that I found something about a particular eye color. It was called the Alexandria factor and actually seemed to corroborate everything I had come up with for a particular strain of humanity. Well, more or less, but it was close. Apparently, it all started with a burst of energy striking some ancient Egyptians. Oh boy, should I have been warned. The warning flag was raised right there and then and I blithely ignored it because, I think, this was too perfect a fit.

However, I always cross reference to get my facts right. Now everything came unglued in a spectacular fashion. The third article I opened was the confession of the person who had recently invented this Alexandria factor. It was really well done. Sigh. Fun while it lasted. Now back to work.

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