Happy Book Birthday to Paige Daniels – “Non-Compliance 3 : Equilibrium” Out Today – and a Giveaway!

Congratulations to Paige.

Joanne Hall

Wishing a very happy book birthday to Paige Daniels, my fellow Kristell Ink author, who has the final volume in her Non-Compliance trilogy released today – congratulations Paige!


With the alliance with the Magistrate now in shreds, the sector is descending into chaos. The crew must figure out how to solve a detrimental supply shortage, and the secrets hidden in the vaccine, before the whole Sector revolts. Shea also faces heart wrenching personal news that forces her to weigh her family’s welfare against the risk of revealing the truth. In this conclusion to the Non-Compliance series, the crew will face life altering decisions while revealing the plots that have twisted all of their lives.

I previously reviewed both Non-Compliance : The Sector and Non-Compliance : The Transition on Making Things Up For A Living, and now I’m giving you the chance to win the first two books in the series…

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