And now a tale of magic and miracles.

It is an accepted fact that when something essential breaks down it is almost impossible to get someone out to fix the problem that day. Yesterday my water heater bust. It has been ailing for a few years and was old, so I can’t complain there. However, having no shower in the morning was a huge, huge, HUGE hardship. I phoned one company first thing and had to leave a message. Another company wanted to charge me a fee for a guy to come out to just look at the problem and wouldn’t give me a ballpark figure for a new heater. Um, hello, I knew it was done and couldn’t be fixed. I was glumly considering turning out for a session in the rec center just so I could use their showers. And then the first guy phones back.

Ray’s Plumbing and Heating turned up just after one p.m without needing a looksee charge. He gave me a great quote and the wonderful man had a tank ready to instal in his truck. By three p.m I had a new water tank and the old one was gone. This happened in ONE DAY. It wasn’t that he wasn’t busy as he had three other households with water heater problems to look at yesterday and also said he had to work today. This is efficiency in motion. Highly recommend this company to anyone in my area. This is the man!

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