Making a King

Shadow Over Avalon, an epic science fantasy set in the far future, still only 99c.

So how does someone recreate an ancient king, who had no known surviving offspring? The scientist would need to reach back into the ancestry of the person to manipulate the exact genetic combination that resulted in the original person. Given the technology available to the scientist, and the ability to manipulate people, this isn’t a problem. A strand here is attached to a thread there and slowly, so slowly, the line becomes pure again. Of course, the scientist would have had to know Arthur in the first place, wouldn’t he?

SOA Postcard

This is not pie in the sky supposition, it is based on real studies as I did happen to major in Zoology and both genetics and embryology were special topics. Actually, on the subject of the latter, an early stage embryo will have gill slits in its neck. The changes are quite fascinating as the new person matures into viability. Genetics? It is possible to recreate a species, and has been done by backtracking along the ancestral D.N.A. but that is for a more modern creature. Something as ancient as a dinosaur would require some sort of blueprint and a more sophisticated technique than we have now at hand, but it could be done with fossil remains in a reasonable state, as I believe some of them have been found. The question is why would someone want to inflict such a terrible species on a human population? Easy enough to see if the intent was to keep the human population under strict control. Isolate people enough and civilization will reverse, especially if there is no means of electronic communication on one’s captives and they are expressly forbidden to use the written or drawn media for distance communication and are restricted to glyphs on message sticks. The problems arise, from the captor’s point of view, when the amphibious mutant  start sticking their oar in what should be none of their business.

How does all this come about? Read the book and find out. This is the first book of a series. The second book, Sword of Shadows, is newly released. The story continues.


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