Busy, busy.

So I have been quiet and busy over the last little while. What have I been up to you may ask? Today I have been drooling ecstatically over the finished cover of my soon to be published book, Sword of Shadows. Yes, I have got it in my hot little hands and no, I am not posting it when it will be live in days. That is when I will make a splash.

Just a mention that Shadow Over Avalon, the first book in the Shadow series, and yes, it is officially the Shadow series, is still at 99c U.S.D. It is available on all platforms including this one.


What else? I have been learning to tile with my bathroom reno. It is nearly done and I expect to do the grouting and last of the painting tomorrow. Maybe the baseboard goes back over the weekend. The jury is out over that one as we are babysitting one of the little guys while his parents go to a party.

It is like being transported back in time to be around the little guys. I think what gets me most is the little arms reaching  and tugging on the pant legs because someone small wants to be picked up. The difference this time is the tricks are so transparent when they do something to get mom’s attention. I am just waiting for the quiet smile when they win. In that respect, little boys are no different from little girls, both utterly adorable.

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