Dreams, good and bad.

I get my stories from dreams. Each one has arrived at night and stayed on in bright detail as the beginning of a story. However, some dreams don’t make stories, or anything close to one. I had one of those last night and had to get up early as sleep became impossible after that visitation.

So, the power went out and I have no idea how we knew this when we were asleep in bed, but we did. We needed to get up to start the generator so the basement didn’t flood and in the course of getting out of bed I glanced out of the window, which strangely didn’t have the blinds down. There were cop cars and firetrucks in the street at the back of us and again, in the nature of dreams, no explanation as to why the houses weren’t there that normally block the view. A house next door but one was on fire and I could see the flames in the back. Note, this house is totally invisible unless I go into my garden and walk right up to my fence as the house between us and my trees block the view in real life.

Going downstairs I could see we had been burgled. Now I am a very poor sleeper and will wake up at the drop of a pin, but didn’t hear the moving and removal of furniture and electronics. Nor, apparently, had I heard the sirens. Now try going back to sleep after waking up at this point. Not going to happen, so another very early start.

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