As promised, a tiny snippet.

This is from Shadow Over Avalon and you will not get this from the Amazon extract. 

Ector flinched. “Why is this girl the only one we found with any idea of Nestines? Why didn’t she react to us with the usual Terran panic? We may have picked up an unexpected advantage, Tarvi. One I’d be a fool to overlook.”

“Nestine ship to the West,” Suki called, from the edge of the lake. “They seem to think there’s something out there worth landing for,” Ector said, watching the bright disc descending. “Cut that animal free from reins, and then it’s time to leave.”

Ector scooped up the Terran, throwing her over his shoulder. With his unit behind, he headed out into the lake depths.


The copper horse whuffled night air, puzzled at the sudden quiet. It pricked up its ears, heading home when pink glints of dawn light rose over the horizon. Midnight-colored eyes faded back into rock as the lonely bark of a dog-fox cut through sleepy silence while ripples calmed on dark water. 

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