Mms. I feel I might have a snippet coming on.

Now where shall it be from? I could post a small passage from ‘The Sword of Shadows’, my second book in the science fantasy series. Or maybe a snippet from the as yet unnamed sequel to Darkspire Reaches. Maybe I should consider ‘Angelus’, my science fiction stand alone, or maybe one of my urban fantasies? Either Wildenwold or Widdershins might fit the bill. And then there is my epic fantasy, ‘Graylings Deep’. Decisions, decisions. 

While ‘The Sword of Shadows’ is complete and already with my publisher, the others are works in progress, and yes, I am working on all of them. The only thing I have on the back burner is another book in the ‘Shadow’ series. It is almost complete, but no, there won’t be any snippets from that one any time soon as I don’t imagine my publishers would appreciate spoilers becoming public. 

I will think on it tomorrow. 

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