Resolutions for 2014

I am ashamed to have to admit I have five half finished books. This is not good. Must work harder. 

1. Finish one book off every month. This is possible. 

2. Work on house renos. With daylight increasing I should be able to get stuff finished. Artificial light means I miss bits. Sigh. 

3. Work on weight loss. I have lost 14lbs but then I hit a plateau. Nothing gained back, which is good, but I need to be more active. This means using the treadmill. I can do this. 

4. Work on a better way to promo my books. 

5.Start working on artwork again. Maybe I haven’t got the fine control I once enjoyed, but I can still gain joy out of this hobby. 

6. Get my act together and get moving on the quilting projects I have planned. I have the materials, so there is no excuse. 

7. Plant seeds for the growing season to come. I can’t do much, as I don’t have the space, but I can get the early starters going. Maybe I will have another Claude, the petunia this year?

8. Get out to do the yardwork very early in the morning before the new neighbors, the ‘mumbles’ are out and about. I really don’t need my creativity mangled by the site of a seventy year old woman in a crop top and low cut shorts. Shudders. I wouldn’t wear anything like that in public view. 

9. Get some quality time in with my little grandson. He is such a good baby and he is growing so fast. 

Now I am committed. 

2 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2014

  1. Fran Macilvey

    Oh, wow, there is a lot here. How about just doing what makes you feel alive? What makes you feel happy? That is the best way to sort the wheat from the chaff. Bless you! :-))

  2. cnlesley Post author

    Fran, #3 will happen if I work on some of the rest in a reasonable manner. There are also a lot of fun things in there and much that will make me very happy.


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