The good, the bad and the wonderful!

The good is that my office reno is progressing and I expect to finish this weekend. I also expect to finish my picture of a Green Man for my office wall. If I can find my camara, I will post a picture of this. It got lost in the renos.

The bad is certain people, who are professionals, told lies. This is causing me a lot of stress when it should have been a slam dunk and no, this isn’t writing related. The result was that I had to light a cyber bomb under that person’s ass and report them to their boss, who is now doing damage control. The people he needs to liaise with are out of the office until Monday. More stress. Added to which, I stupidly let one of my paint rollers dry up and this has put my reno back to the weekend.

The wonderful? Awesome people are collecting their pre-orders of signed copies of Shadow Over Avalon. I shall soon be able to remit money owing to my publisher for these units. Incidentally, the lion’s share goes to the printers, who have done a wonderful job with the printing and translation of the cover work. Much thanks to Eveliin Enorkson and Ken Dawson for a fantastic cover. So what is this book about?

Avalon conjures up images of King Arthur. At the end of the legend, he was mortally wounded by Mordred and with his last breath, he promised to return at the time of his people’s greatest need. Now fast forward into the far future where there are methods of extracting D.N.A from peripheral descendants. The newly created person is not connected to his past, excepting for fleeting dream images of ancient times. He gradually becomes aware of his purpose and those who would thwart it. Nothing is as it seems. The stakes are the survival of humanity faced with unspeakable odds. Can Arthur achieve his ultimate purpose, or will he succumb to the plans of a hidden enemy? This is not about what happened before: this is what happens next. This epic length book is not for the faint of heart. Lives are broken. Romances shattered. Life continues, or does it?

Shadow Over Avalon is the first book of a series. The next book, Sword of Shadows, is due for release by Kristell Ink next in 2014. The saga continues.


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