Playing hooky.

I took time out of work today to finish a craft project for my office. I am busy redecorating it, I want artwork on the walls. Being as how our winter is so long, I wanted one of these to be a harbinger for spring.

A couple of years back we vacationed in the Rocky Mountains and while we were there I collected leaves, which I subsequently pressed. I had an idea on the back burner at the time and knew full well I was right out of luck timewise. So much has happened in this past fourteen months. All of it wonderful, but very time consuming. Now I have treated myself to a few hours crafting as I am revamping my office.

What am I doing? Making a wall hanging of a picture of a Green Man. I kinda want to be reminded of spring in the depths of winter and this project fitted the bill. The eyes came from when I was teaching my then small daughter art. I scanned them and then printed them off. The face is entirely made of leaves. I am at the point where I need to do some watercolor washes for the background before I put on the final leaves. It is fun and it speaks of spring. Now if only my darn rollers hadn’t totally hardened up I could have completed the revamp this week. Oh well, I will get to it at the weekend. 

Note: every Green Man picture is different. There is no special format. It just depends on the leaves available.  Mine are Rocky Mountain leaves and that is special for me. I will post when I have the thing completed.

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