Shadow Over Avalon Release.

This is coming out on Halloween and I am so excited. However, just to set some matters straight, as I can anticipate howls of outrage that someone from Canada has dared to write an Arthur book, I am owning up to holding dual Nationality. I have indeed visited all the Arthurian sites . I have also extensively travelled in the UK. All the settings, aside from those offshore,, and off planet, are places I have personally visited.

On another note, I have invested a great deal of time thoroughly investigating the legends, going right back to the original Welsh stories. It is so interesting how politics of the time flavor historical accounts. The Mallory tale comes from Geoffrey of Monmouth, who took it upon himself to discredit all women of power in order to establish the supremacy of men. Now what a chaste monk was doing, having thoughts about incestuous relationships beggars the question and blows the mind. Needless to say, none of this politically motivated bunk will appear in Shadow Over Avalon, or any of the upcoming books in this series. I stay true to the original legend.

That being said, this series is not about what has gone before. This is what happens next, when the king promised to return in their time of greatest need for his people. Nothing is as it seems. The release date is very appropriate. Prepare to be scared. Enjoy.

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