Needy cat.

The VBC, (very bad cat), was extra needy today. I think it might have been the snowfall outside, which is apparently our fault. His morning excursion on his leash in the back yard came to a screeching hold at the back door. No, he did not appreciate all that cold, wet white stuff we had dumped on the deck.  No, he no longer wished to go out, and he held us responsible for this loss of freedom.

My writing time was slashed by a board cat leaping into my arms at repeated intervals. He requires his pillow to be put into place so the hard edge of my desk doesn’t distract from his comfort when he sprawls. Oh yes, he sprawls. He wriggles and kicks his human into the correct position and then rolls on his back with his hind legs over one arm and his head resting on the other. His human trying to type elicits irritated hisses as this is disturbing his sleep. Being put on the floor means he will leap up from other angles. Putting him outside my office and shutting the door will result in frantic paddling on the door and howls of anguish.

We think his previous human might have croaked on him, which is why he needs to be with us constantly. Yes, he does get booted out of my office occasionally, but then I feel like a heel. Sometimes he will curl up on a blanket and sleep while I work. Not today, though. Today, we had messed up his plans by dumping the white stuff all over.

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