Shadow Over Avalon going live on Halloween.

It is a very weird feeling to be watching a baby going out into the real world. Maybe I will get this same feeling with each release? At this stage I know my book is in the best hands and I am very happy with the final product.

I am a hopeless tweeker Nothing is going to change that. To reach a position that this Is a done deal has me twitching.  Could I have done better? Nope, I don’t think so. Even so, I have a problem keeping my sticky mitts out of the candy jar, and I must.  I have no idea how my publishers put up with me. I am just grateful that they do.

This book was a long time in making and is subject to intensive research. This is a fact. I need to get to the truth when I do research. Most of this research won’t appear in the book, but it will flavor it  This is not about a rewrite of what happened. This is about what happened next, Appropriately out on Halloween, this is a book about possibilities of the ominous kind. Prepare to be scared.

The second book will be released in 2014. If you thought the first book was something else, this is the cherry on the top.  

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