A typical day of work.

Rise at 6: 30 and not because I have to, this is when I wake up naturally. First port of call is to put on my coffee. It is dark outside and I need to be fully awake. While the coffee is brewing, I pack my husband’s lunch. Retreat with aforesaid coffee to my office to start my day.

My first task is to check my mail.  Once everything has been answered I must start work. Right at the moment, I am working on edits and this will continue with short breaks for breakfast and lunch, after which, I check my mail again and answer anything needing attention. Some time is lost during the morning trying to persuade the VBC that he really does not need to leap into my arms and drape himself over me, but today I got lucky as he suddenly remembered his passion for his pillow. Eww. Anyhow, he was ‘otherwise’ engaged and I could get on with my work.

Edited until around 4:00 when my eyes fell out and I had to take a break from the screen. For anyone keeping a tally, this is now nine hours work with break and cat times deducted.  Stop to prepare supper and then continue on until the dear husband arrives home.

This evening, having gone through my mail again, and facebook, I am back at work. The file has just finished downloading and I expect to put in another three hours, or thereabouts.  Tally will stand at about twelve hours of work. This might be longer as I would like to finish this file this evening/night. All this is dependent on if I can keep my concentration level up. If not, then I will have to shelve the project for morning.

Is this a complaint? The hells no! I love what I do. This just happens to be a crunch time and so is very intensive. Once this is over, I will go back to my normal routine, which still is about twelve hours a day, only with split projects. I think I will do NANO this year because I really need to work on the sequel to Darkspire Reaches, so November is going to be fairly packed. I need about another forty to fifty k to finish the book and I need the discipline to stop me flitting between this and other works in progress. Ideally,, I would like the first draft to be finished by the end of November. No, this does not mean the book will be going out anytime soon. It will need three or four passes before it is anywhere near ready to inflict on my publishers. Oh, you might say I could send them my first draft and let them sort out the editing. Roars with laughter. Nope. Publishing is a business with time restrictions and it is courteously imperative only to submit the very best. No one gets to see anything that I am not confident will fly. That is how it is.

Now I see the download I have been impatiently waiting for in completed. Darn, I must find time to clear files from my laptop. Thirty minutes for a download is ridiculous. So, back to work.

I leave you with the thought that Shadow Over Avalon will be live in just seven days. Oh, and if you haven’t already downloaded a free copy of Darkspire Reaches, now might be the an idea. The promotion is time limited and may not be repeated. It is available on all ebook platforms. Enjoy.

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