Diet is working like a dream!

I am a very happy camper with the scales showing a downward trend each day. Not for me the calorie counting and the portion weighing, or the bought diet food. Because I am hypothyroid, I needed something else and I found it with a modified Atkins diet. No processed food and this includes bread, pasta, wheat flour and rice, along with beans of the seed variety. I have also excluded milk, going on to a coconut Silk alternative. It works just great in coffee and I am debarred from cereal anyhow, because all of that is processed and contains hidden sugars. Who wouldn’t like to start the day with eggs and Canadian bacon? Oh yum.

I am supplementing with zinc, selenium and probiotic tablets. Grapefruit juice gives me vitamin C and I water it down to give the correct pH balance. Green vegetables accompany every protein dish, although not potatoes, as they are a starch. I can have a selection of fruit and nuts and, if I so desire, one square of dark chocolate a day. Nuts, particularly almonds make for great snacks.

The weight is falling off and I am feeling a lot healthier. This is working and I am not feeling the slightest bit starved. I am now actually eating more than I did before as crazy as this sounds. Note, because of the ongoing struggle with my thyroid condition, I have a very reduced capacity in any case. This might not be the diet for everyone, but it is the diet for me. I is a getting into shape again. YAY!

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