Starting to get a little excited.

I have an awesome cover and now am waiting to the edits to come in. I have waited a very long time for Shadow Over Avalon to be taken up, so yes, I am excited. That it will be going live near on or near Halloween is even better.

Imagine a future word where things that go bump in the night rule. This is what the returned king must face. He pledged his soul to protect his people at the time of their greatest need, but he didn’t sign up for this terror. When King Arthur returns to fulfill his oath, many things stand on their heads. Who is a friend and who is not?  The stakes will determine who lives and who dies. With the fate of humanity resting in his hands, he can’t fail, or can he? This is what happens next.

To be released by Kristall Ink in October, the witching month. Stay tuned for updates. 

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