Spent most of the day clearing my desk of editorial admin for A and A. I am nearly free now. I have given my evaluations for the ones I think sparkle and am now waiting for my partner to reciprocate on her picks.

Aside from that, I made a fresh mushroom soup for the dh’s lunch tomorrow and it is yummy.  It will go nicely with the focaccia bread I made yesterday. He said he really liked the bread and his soup de jour today, which was split green pea with herbs and jalapeno peppers.  

I had been hoping to get out on my yard for an hour or two, but no, there was another storm front moving in. The VBC was so upset by this that he really needed to cuddle. He hates the loud bangs and cries until he is held. Darn, when is that wretched weather fairy every going to run out of storm seeds this year? We have had enough already.


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