Woo Hoo!

The new neighbors are old. Oh yeah. Bliss. No wild parties, or teenage kids; just them. Perfect.

No, I am not anti kids, or parties. I just don’t appreciate being kept awake by skinny dipping in a hot tub at 3.00 am as was the want of our back end neighbors, now departed. Yep, there was a reason why I planted all those trees along my fence line way back when.  Not a prude, but there are some things a person doesn’t want to know about their neighbors.

On the writing front, my head is boiling with unwelcome ideas for new books. I have to finish what I have what I have started before I can move on. Ok I have jotted you down, nice new shiny ideas, now go away and leave me alone. I am busy and I will get to you when I have time.

On the cat front, the dh has discovered cat hairs in his brand new earphones. The only possible reason for this is the VBC managed to sleep on them. The dh is not impressed by this.

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