Busy day.

Word count today was 4,755, but not all on the same story. I like to flitter.  Housecleaning on twitter resulted in another 100 people being unfollowed.  Sorry about this folks, but if you don’t follow me, don’t expect me to host you. I would like an interactive twitter account and it won’t happen if it is cluttered with people promoting or whatever and not reciprocating.

Packaged up three stock books when my newly married daughter and son in law came around to store their canoe. One signed book to one of their friends and two signed books to another. Those guys rock. A fourth should be arriving at its destination in the next day or so, having been sent by snail mail, which probably wasn’t helped by the long weekend.

Yesterday we went up to walk around Fort Edmonton. Now that is a fascinating blast into the past with three time zones.  I think the thing I found most fascinating was the choice of yard plants. Feverfew was very prominent and would be regarded as a weed in modern times. There were quite a lot of the old herb remedies in those gardens. I guess it was all down to guesswork and self-doctoring when it came to sickness.

I think one of the things that surprised me was the living accommodation for the original fort, circa 1840. The married quarters were one room with an attic space above. The attic was for the kids, while the adults had beds in the one room, along with a wooden table and chairs. And no, that wasn’t a typo. Beds were for the THREE married couples who would occupy that one room with the attic above. EWEEEE.

Given the fort was established as a fur trading post, it was shocking how little each poor dead animal skin was worth. A skunk would score a thimble, or maybe a forth rate knife. Beavers were at a premium. Apparently, the stink caused by the hides and the meat was so acute that a person could locate the fort downwind from a goodly distance away. Double EWEEE.

Highlight? I got to ride on a steam train.  There really do make a chuff chuff noise. Cool.

In other news, I caught a glimpse of who I hope are the new neighbors, who appear to be an older couple. Good. Twill be quiet. Crosses fingers. I expect the moving truck will turn up some time tomorrow.

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