Accomplishments today?

I finished reading Space Games by Dean Lombardo and was gob-smacked by the ending. No spoilers, but my review is up on Goodreads and

I am almost done with edits for a friend’s book, a wonderful thriller I am enjoying immensely.

Not much done on the writing front as this is the weekend and shopping, (yawn), has to prevail. I have thought up some inclusions to put in my new shiny out of genre comfort book.

House painting. Yes, it is progressing. I found out why WalMart don’t have their paint mixer going for the third week in a row. They have two operators of the machine and one quite, while the other is still on vacation. Really? Seriously? I got a can from elsewhere and I am just hoping it is the same color.

In other news, not long to go before my baby’s wedding. I bought some foundation today to test out. The liquid face powder leaves my skin dry, so I needed something. That being said, anything with perfume will bring my skin up in hives. I needed to test this product out well before the date. So far, it is doing good.

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