Wonderful day

My highest point was opening a picture of my soon to be grandbaby. He/she is gorgeous and seems to have a cap of blonde hair. I doubt whether he/she will go to the due dates as this child is well fleshed out and bigger than the gestational time. I don’t think my daughter will mind an early present, being as he/she is well-developed  and my daughter was an eight month baby weighing in at eight pounds.

Lots of exacting book stuff going on and I will share when I get permission. Right now, it is a work in progress.

Started working on a secret project, and no, it is not writing related. This comes about due to frustration of choices. I need to buy something and it isn’t there. All I am seeing is crud, or stuff so high-priced  and ill-conceived I am astounded anyone would consider buying it. Plan B is in operation and is working out just fine.

The VBC had to be evicted from my office again today for unclean intentions regarding a pillow. What begins as harmless paddling escalates into … something else.  I have no idea why he has come to regard anything soft and fluffy, with the exception of Ollie the Ho, as an object of sexual pleasure, but he has. Yes, he is fixed. Like Ollie the Ho, I must believe the fixing did not remove all the necessary.  Sigh.

Finally, thinking back on this year is breathtaking. By the first week of September, if not before, I will have seen all my daughters married, have my first grandbaby, my first book published, two short stories in an Anthology published and a flash fiction piece contracted to help literacy in the third world, courtesy of Read Wave and World books. And I survived. Yay!

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