Eastlink fails again.

  1. Dear Eastlink, I would like you to know how monumentally unimpressed I am with your miserable apology for a service. It wasn’t just the fiber fracturing that knocked out all of Alberta for a good twentyfive hours, or the outages last week. When I try to phone you to find out why the service I pay for is not working, I do not want to hear the automated message telling me to unplug my router for ten… seconds. I can assure you I know this one by heart and have tried many times and I have also tried connecting directly to my desktop before I ever call you. I do not want to hear the second automated message encouraging me to go online to hook up with a tech there to save me time waiting for a real person. If I could go online, then I wouldn’t be calling you in the first place. I had, however, never heard the third automated message telling me of the fractured fiber. Now that was new and different. So new and different, as it turns out, that a goodly few of your phone techs were blissfully unaware of it.

    The first tech I spoke to mumbled about checking something when I declined to unhook my router after multiple times of doing this and when I explained that my cable tv was also offline. I was then cut off. The second tech told me the problem was resolved and therefore the fault was in my system, despite the tv still being down. Yes, I did check before each call. The third tech advised me the problem was not fixed and they had no idea when this would be accomplished. Always good to know.

    Having given up on trying to get an answer from internet techs I tried the tv techs. Wow, night and day. The lady pinged my tv and I now have service. She also pinged my internet, and guess what? It is back again. Imagine that? Why didn’t your internet techs try this? Does this happen to be restricted information they can only achieve after they have scored a certain number of pissing off customer badges? Is this how it works? Do tell.

    Oh, and I was asked for a pin number to get access for help. Do you imagine anyone in their right mind would want to steal your service? Really???

    No love,


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