There are some places I should not be allowed near in any circumstances. (Sometimes I get lucky and my weakness is not known so this happens anyway). Bookstores are on this list and so are crystal shops. Imagine my joy when I discovered a book I craved in a crystal store? Surrounded by crystals? This was an oh dear moment.

First on my list of lapses must go the book, Haunted Spaces, Sacred Places by Brian Haughton. Um, I can justify this as I really do need it for research for a work in progress. Even the dh thought this would be interesting and that he might like to read it also.

Then we come to the frivolous that I wanted just because. There was a little emerald, a little blue apatite, a large fluorite and it that were not enough, when we went back the following day I succumbed to the urgings of a large labradorite. This is like a butterfly’s iridescent wings and they all have healing properties for the chakra. It says so on the cards I got with them. So there!

Everyone has a vice and this is mine. I will pick up a rock from anywhere in the world we have visited and bring it home. Not polished rocks like these ones, but rocks I have found that look interesting to me. I also have a couple of geodes I haven’t cut open yet. Oh, and ok, I carry a small amethyst in my purse. Well, it is my birthstone. I will post on Pinterest next week as the light has now gone and they all look amazing with the sun shining on them. Yes, they are going in my office. Those I chose help to promote concentration and finishing projects. LOL.

This was a culmination of an amazing weekend we spent with a dear writing friend of mine and her wonderful husband. The boys get alone great, so can amuse each other while we ladies get down to book talk. Yes, we brainstormed over plots. The thing is that we know each other’s work, so it needs no explaining. We can both jump right in. It is impossible to describe the fun of that to anyone who is not a writer.

The second venture out to the crystal shop coincided with a spiritual fair, where there was a local writer selling her books. Now there is food for thought. We are thinking of teaming up to get a booth later in the summer and plugging ours. Hey, she seemed to be doing good and with two of us pulling together, maybe this will pan out nicely? Nothing ventured, nothing gained and we will be one again in the close proximity of the crystal shop. Um, the venue. The crystal shop has nothing to do with this. Really it doesn’t. (I did forgo buying an amethyst bracelet so I consider I have been very good).

4 thoughts on “Temptation!

    1. cnlesley Post author

      Jo, we visited when we were over on vacation. This is how I got the picture of Arthur’s grave at Glastonbury Abby. We also went up the Tor and visited the well. Yep, the town is full of wonderful shops and I would love a good couple of days to go in every one, but we didn’t have time. Wonderful atmosphere there.

  1. May


    I have loads of stones as well. I rarely leave the beach without at least one stone in my pocket. We’ve had visitors from abroad become very excited when they found their first flint stone. Of course, here they are as common as dirt, but it’s fun to see how something that ordinary to us is extraordinary to them.

  2. cnlesley Post author

    Yes, stones are special. Other people’s stones are even more special if that stone doesn’t appear in the homeland to often. It also bleeds into shells sometimes and I have shells from the Atlantic and the Pacific. Oh, and then there are the dinosaur stones. There are the occasional neat fossils found in the North Saskatchewan River near us. Now those are extra special stones.


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