Getting with the program

Some of you may know my youngest daughter is getting married in a couple of months. I need to slim down and for me, this isn’t easy. Oh ho, you cry, she eats too much, she snacks and munches and nibbles. Um no, I don’t and I am not in denial about this, I just don’t. Oh, and I don’t actually like chocholate or other candy, never eat cookies, very rarely have dessert, (maybe three of four times a year), do not buy packets of chips, let alone eat them and can’t physically eat a large meal. I am hypothyroid, which means my metabolism is really, really slow, hence the weight gain, which I counter with increasingly smaller amounts of food ingested.

The advice is to have five small meals a day. This works for the morning as I rise early and start off with museli sweetened with berries. I have also just found another cereal, some sort of granola that I mix with almonds for a brunch.  After midday I might have half a sandwich, or a bowl of soup and then the problem starts as I usually skip anything else. Pop? I am aware diet sodas contain aspertame, so stay well clear of them. (This is supposed to increase weight gain more than pops sweetened with sugar as it messes with the pancreas.) Maybe three of four times a week I will have Canada Dry mixed with cranberry juice. The alternate is unsweetend grapefruit jucie, which I love and bottled water. I always have bottled water handy. Coffee? About a pot a day and only in the mornings. And yes, a couple of beers in the evening.

So, what is with this diet? The dh has seen it work with people he knows. When I look down the list of dos and don’ts I have a sinking feeling as I must raise my hand in guilt. I do love vegetables from the cabbage family, along with horseradish, peanuts, peaches, mustard and cofffee. These must be drastically cut down. I see I don’t eat enough seafood, but I will not start eating sushi, or Nori Rolls. Stroll on. The rest is doable. Another thing on the list from the friends of the dh was almonds. I don’t know why this is so, but I like them and this is not a chore.

I guess I will see how this goes as it is not a stupid diet, or a mentally taxing one, just a commonsense alteration in a few areas.  Now to take some selenium, zinc and iron suppliments and then try to get on with some house painting as I would like to be pulling weeds from my yard this afternoon. (In reallity, I shall probably blast the weeds with Round-up. LOL.

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