My day.

It started off sad, as my neighbors has a flooded basement and had to get the vac truck in to pump out all the water. This must have been horrendous as I rise early and the rescue squad was already there, pumping. We are talking like six thirty. I am so sorry for them.

Taking a break from work, I planted some fancy pansies in an indoor container. Yes, we have more snow on the way. However, I am starting my plants as I want to have a good show when I can put them out. Claude, my pet petunia, is doing very nicely and is getting even bigger. Unfortunately, I have thrown the packet away, so I don’t know if he is an upright petunia or a spreading one. I guess I will find out in due course as he grows.

I open files on three works in progress and those have been going well. Yes, I flit from one to the other as the muse strikes. I find this a whole lot more productive than to concentrate on a single book and end up staring at the screen when I run out of ideas for a particular storyline.

I also got a few chapters edited for a very good friend of mine. I am beta reading for him and this is a great book. I am enjoying it a lot.

I had a long phone call with kid 2 on the subject of kid 3’s wedding shower this weekend. It is all coming together nicely. I also find I am volunteered to help kid 2 with redesigning her yard this summer. I am looking forward to that. I have been told what she likes and will go online to see what my favorite greenhouses are offering in the way of perennials. This is going to be mega fun.

And then there is the anthology, Magic Creatures of the Celtic Mists coming out at the end of the month. I have two stories in that publication and they happen to be my very favorites of any shorts I have ever written. No, they aren’t on my web page, or on Readwave. These are my special babies and you can read them only in the anthology. On another note, the anthology contains the most wonderful stories I have ever read. I am honored to be amongst this highly talented bunch. I can truly say this is the best of the very best.

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