Contest Winner

The lucky winner of the Kindle contest has been established. I just need to get in touch with them and then I will release the details. Darn this weather and my internet provider. I have high speed cable, which is housed on a box in the street for all the unfortunate subscribers. Any variation in temperature will send the wretched box into hopeless convulsions and deprive me of a connections.

As I am invariably the very first person trying to get web access, I am always the first one to ring in with an issue. Monday was no different. Wakes up to no connection. Unplugs router to give the system time to reset itself, although I an not optimistic about this as I only have one green light showing. I go through the motions anyhow–twice. Phones Eastlink and am told by the automatic response to do what I just did. Waits for a real person, who tell me to disconnect my router, which I have already done twice. Explain this. Am told the tech will be out the following day. Sigh. Tell person to check if anyone else is down in the area, as if I am down, so will be everyone else. Long wait and then operator comes back with the news that everyone is down and the service tech will be dispatched that day and not the following. I am now feeling so special.

Anyhow, problem fixed for the moment and I am back online until the next glitch. Once I have heard from the winner, I will post the Kindle and make the winner announcement. Gotta love Eastlink. NOT. 

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