Venus meets Mars

I subscribed to the Kindle Gorilla thingy and downloaded a book. Um well, I will not be doing a review. I happen to detest giving negative reviews and chose instead to remain silent.

The problem? Someone hadn’t clued in that less is more. Unfortunately for me, I had guessed the supposed bad guy was a red herring very early on and who the real antagonist was and for what reasons. This left the sex scenes. I am not a prude, but after the first one I became bored. Where lust, and not sexual tension inspired by love and attraction is paramount, there is little to hold the reader’s interest unless they are an unrequited teenager.  Sexual tension is something Ilona Andrews does to perfection. It is an art to have two people attracted and yet separated by circumstance beyond their control. This is where the current read fell by the wayside.

However, I do have two books I know I am going to enjoy. One is by Mary Wood and it is a deep look at a family in time, similar to Catherine Cookson. I have already read her other books and I know this will be enjoyable. The other is by Joanne Hall, who is a fellow writer for Kristell Ink Publications. I have seen the blurb and it is my kind of book. I know I will not be disappointed.

1 thought on “Venus meets Mars

  1. hierath

    I really hope you enjoy it 🙂 I’m like you, I don’t see the point in giving negative reviews. There are plenty of places on the internet you can go for that. If I read a book and enjoy it I like to share my thoughts on it; if I don’t enjoy it I just don’t review it. There’s nothing worse, at a convention, than running into someone whose book you’ve just trashed in public! 😉


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